Mullumimby's Premier Organic Detox Spa

White Lotus Cleansing Transformational Healing Retreats

White Lotus Cleansing Retreats specialize in personalized one on one transformational healing detox retreats tailored specific to your needs or health concerns in the beautiful Byron Bay hinterland.

Our popular signature detox healing programs include:

  • 5 day Detox and Rejuvenation juice cleansing retreat
  • 7 day Tao of Detox Alkaline water fasting retreat
  • 5 day Fertility and Preconception care retreat
  • 7 day Cancer support therapy retreat
  • 5 day Weight loss retreat
  • 5 day Detox and Energy medicine Retreat
  • A true retreat for transformational healing and change with holistic professional experts including specialist detox and fertility Naturopaths, professionally qualified Naturopathic colonic hydrotherapists, magical massage healers, energy medicine therapists, and the finest of sound meditation vibrations.

    Our unique health programs all incorporate the use of cutting edge Electroregenesis therapy used to rebalance the positive and negative polarities of the body, and detox the system on a deep cellular level.

    A Detox Retreat with a zap of Energy Medicine- - Paul Margolin Owner of The Temple, Byron Bay .

    Plan or enquire about your White Lotus Cleansing Retreat experience by calling us today
    on +61 0427 857 148 or please send an email and we will contact you within 24 hours.

    Invite harmony and vibrancy into your temple today!
    Today is the first step towards a life of beauty and optimum health.


    We specialise in creating unique and comprehensive naturopathic detox and health programs that have been successful in treating numerous medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, infertility, depression, cancer, anxiety, insomnia, obesity, parasites and constipation.

    You can visit the Integrative Detox and Wellness Clinic in Mullumbimby or join in on one of the many group or personalized transformational healing and sacred art retreats both in Australia or Bali.


    Our welcoming holistic detox centre is located in the picturesque town of Mullumbimby, the spiritual home of the Byron Shire and is a 20 minute drive from Byron Bay.

    The White Lotus Cleansing Clinic brings a totally new and fresh Naturopathic approach to the ancient practise of Colonic Hydrotherapy.  We merge this natural approach to cleansing and detoxifying to devise the most optimal naturopathic program depending on the needs of an individual.


    At White Lotus Cleansing Clinic, we take a more medical approach than most other colonic hydrotherapy clinics. All our new clients need a 1.5 hour appointment for the first visit.

    Our opening times:
    Monday- Friday 9.30am - 5.30pm
    Saturday by appointment

    * All colonics and Naturopathic consults can be claimed by your health fund.

    Naturopathic Colonic Hydrotherapy
    With energetic abdominal organ massage 
    Follow up session $95
    3 sessions $295
    6 sessions $550
    10 sessions $850

    Cleanse and Nurture
    3 colonics
    1hour kahuna bodywork
    Cleansing program and supplements
    Naturopathic consultation
    Daily monitoring and testing
    Post cleanse naturopathic recommendations


    Therapeutic Detox
    5 colonics
    Cleansing programs and supplements 
    Naturopathic consultation
    Daily monitoring and testing
    Post cleanse naturopathic recommendations

    10 Day Ultimate Deep Detox package
    10 colonics
    Naturopathic Consultation
    Intensive cleansing program with supplements
    1hour kahuna bodywork  
    Naturopathic consultation
    Daily monitoring and testing
    Post cleanse naturopathic recommendations
    Naturopathic Consultation - initial ( 2hrs)*   $395
    Naturopathic Consultation - follow up (30 mins) $95
    *This covers all correspondence between all your existing practitioners, urinalysis, blood pressure, glucometer testing, appointment times, correspondence between appointments, and case and pathology analysis  
    Kahuna Bodywork (60 mins) $120
    Kahuna Bodywork (90 mins) $170
    Bodihealth Electroregenesis machine (initial) (2hr sessions) $150
    3 sessions $360
    6 sessions $720
    9 sessions $1000

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